The Art Of Black

| July 31, 2017


When Cecilia Robinson, the complicated girl with artistic talent is finally settled in her rented home, finished education, graduated from art school, and finally found a job in a pet store, she thought that she would spend her whole life in the same old routine. Nothing new would happen, not caring if she found a guy who would ‘complete her’ or not, not caring if she is sometimes so lost in herself when she paints, not caring if she worries too much when her parents leave for an unexpected vacation around the world. She can’t decide whether she is happy or sad, she is just inside her bubble, doing whatever she wants whenever she wants, yet, not having her complete freedom.

And then there’s Hunter Sherwood, the charming guy with good looks and humble personality has changed into a distant, cold and isolated person from being heartbroken over a girl he met in the town that Cecilia grew up into. When Hunter tries weird ways to overcome the ‘bad luck’ that he receives from life and just wasting his time with trying not to step on cracks or meeting owls. He finally realized that he was an unfortunate person.

Hunter meets Cecilia when he went to the pet store to buy a kitten for his cousin’s birthday. He decided that he suddenly trusted her and sought her help. She recommended for him to buy the one and only, the oldest pet in the store that no one desired to buy, was the black-coated cat. Because, if the signs of good luck didn’t work, what is better than to provoke a myth?

He agreed, sensing something at the pit of his stomach when he looks into the cat’s eyes. Something so horrible yet so wonderful is about to happen.

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