Incredible Samson

| August 1, 2017


Incredible strength and incredible foolishness merge in tales of super-heroic proportions in this fourth volume of the Bible for Aliens series. As the Biblical narrative follows the children of Israel, life in the Promised Land turns out to be not all it was cracked up to be– that is, due to the Israelites’ own stubborn insistence on worshipping idols and then waiting until they’re severely oppressed by foreign nations before calling out to God. After the death of Joshua, a series of judges rule Israel, including the famous Gideon, a rejected loner, and Samson, who can’t seem to stop running after the enemy Philistines’ women. Other lesser-known characters like Ehud (who lost his dagger in a fat king’s belly) and Jael (who found a creative use of a tent-peg) discuss why they’re underrated and neglected in Bible story books (but not this one!). A love poem to King David’s great-grandmother Ruth (before she was a great-grandmother) concludes this volume and sets the stage for the age of the Kings of Israel, another step in the long journey towards God’s redemption of mankind.

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