Worldship Praxis

| August 2, 2017


Existence has a billion faces, each one a universe coexisting with our own.

In one such universe, disaster has struck the Earth.

A hard existence will harden some people’s resolve.A few Problem Solvers saw that the survival of Mankind depended on getting off of the planet. A group of them took humanity first into orbit, and then on to the stars.

We follow the great Worldship Praxis as it flies silently through the darkness between the stars on its mission. Jack Sadow is the Director, or captain of the ship. Effectively immortal, the Nanobots keeps him young and strong, ready to face the centuries of the voyage.

Time and light-years change Humanity. Jack must contend with a changing world within the ship and with alien life outside the ship. Each decision he makes as best he can, and only time and light-years will determine if he chose well.

Buy Worldship Praxis, and find out what happens


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