Tannic and the last Woolly Mammoth

| July 25, 2013


Tannic and the last Woolly Mammoth

His whole life, Tannic has dreamt of two things: being in a warm place, away from the wastelands, and joining in ‘The hunt’, a ritual that his brother, Domi has already completed, making him a man.

An opportunity presents itself when a herd of woolly mammoth is sighted—the first to be seen in three winters. Tannic’s curiosity gets the better of him, and while scouting the herd across the ice sheets, he carelessly causes an avalanche. The downpour of rock and snow, shatter the ice, destroying all but one in the herd. Tannic finds the lone survivor, a calf who he names Adamma.

Tannic must keep his new friendship concealed, for the lack of food out on the tundra has made the gentle giant a sought-after commodity. Adamma is ruthlessly pursued by Tannic’s tribe, led by his father and older brother Domi.

Together they begin a journey of discovery, protecting a secret bond that gives birth to the last legendary beast to walk the earth.


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