The Surrogate’s Secret

| July 25, 2013


The Surrogate's Secret

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The Surrogate’s Secret:

Achingly romantic, this story of muddles and confusion strain a relationship that could
be utterly beautiful. How can two people get it SO wrong?

Meet a surrogate mom whose prime reason for getting up each day is to take care of her adorable twins. Imagine how she must feel when she meets a man who’s determined they belong to him!

Take a trip to Chile, in South America, and experience life in a rich man’s home. Someone who’s wealthy and successful and–wears blinkers in his personal life!! For good reason!
He’s recently lived a nightmare in the jungles of Colombia and survived – no thanks
to his fiancé.

Praise for The Surrogate’s Secret

“Mimi Barbour has done it again! There is also a lovely little twist in the novel that will make you smile.” ~ Reviewed by Leandra L. Bollinger “kelea7”

“The pull over those sweet babies and the family history just adds to the dynamics of a terrific read that I could not put down. Highly Recommend!” ~ Reviewed by Mary Leo

“You’ll find yourself wrapped up in Miguel and Sheri the love sizzling between them, routing for them, unable to put down this book.” ~ Reviewed by luvbooks

A gorgeous, classy but inhibited mother…  
A handsome, sexy butmisogynist male…
Two beautiful babies to fight over…
Praise for previous releases.

“Mimi Barber follows in Debbie Macomber’s footsteps” ~ Reviewed by L. Frier
“If you have not read any of Mimi’s books, high tail it to your nearest book
store or Amazon to buy.” ~ Reviewed by Shirleen Miller
“Loved the style of writing. Loved the character development and suspense. I have
to say I was very sorry when this book ended!” ~ Reviewed by Sandy M.


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