The 13 Reincarnations of Luke Arthur

| August 3, 2017


The mind-wipe lasted only five years before Luke Arthur’s disturbed childhood memories of past lives came flooding back. He would have been able to control them except that each past life memory was accompanied by a voice that said, ‘remember Luke, you must remember.’ As more of his ancestor’s lives returned to him, the voice cajoled him to go further… and that’s when the trouble started.
Only Emma, his paraplegic partner, equipped with a sophisticated exo-skeleton could help him by recording and analysing his experiences. They must find out why the disembodied voice wanted him to take his talent into unknown realms. Set against a backdrop of late 21st century Europe dissolving into chaos and civil war, Luke and Emma have to find the owner of the voice and enlist its help to find a way for mankind to survive the ultimate apocalypse.

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