Freedom Found: Five Step System to Let Go, Completely Forgive and Create Total Personal Freedom (Pure Power)

| July 25, 2013


Freedom Found: Five Step System to Let Go, Completely Forgive and Create Total Personal Freedom (Pure Power)


Of course you’re still angry. You have every right to be. Yes, it still hurts. Does pain like that ever really go away? Maybe it’s been a while, maybe it’s done and over with, but it still affects you. What happened to “time heals all wounds”? There’s got to be an answer, right?

For many people, the best they ever really hope for is that they forget. They can ignore that terrible thing and just get on with life. They try not to think about it – and then something happens. Suddenly it’s right there again. How do you make it stop?

Worse, maybe that emotion that flares up drives you to punish the innocent for the actions of the guilty. It is not THIS person’s fault. They’re just in the way of the memory. Maybe they didn’t do anything wrong, but “this” still reminds you of “that.”

Maybe someone said, “Just let it go.” Maybe you know in your heart you need to forgive, but how? You might have said the words. You might have cried or screamed or even hit something – yet it’s never quite gone.

“Forgive!” The word is so easy to say. “HOW?” you might have wondered. Maybe you even asked. All too often, the answer is some wordy version of “you just do.”


There are other things people sometimes need to let go. When our roles change, when our goals change – life changes with it.

If you served in the military in a combat zone, there were a thousand brilliant habits you developed to do your job so you could come home alive. Maybe in civilian life, a lot of those valuable reflexes are not serving you.

Something that affects many more of us: Life change through marriage, through children, or even though a new career. Some of the old memories, the old habits, and the old way of things that were so great back then – they no longer serve you. You need to let them go. How do you do that?

How do you get free of the worst junk in our past, clean up your heart, and let it all go? How do you take the greatest, most useful lessons from the past, and leave all the stuff behind that you know you need to set aside?

Until you do it, you’re trapped. After you cleanse and release, you can BE TOTALLY FREE.

Dr. Conway gives you the answer right here in his book: Five Step Forgiveness. It’s a step-by-step guide on exactly HOW to let go.

As an incredibly powerful bonus, Conway also gives you a collection of extra tools and techniques. He trains you in some of his best methods honed over years of experience. You will learn how to do it yourself, and you will learn how to help others. Whether you just want to help a loved one or your job includes counseling people, this is an incredibly powerful toolbox for you to have.

Scot Conway teaches, trains, coaches, counsels and mentors others – and Forgiveness is an important part of how he helps people. His methods have been proven over decades of experience with abuse victims, rape victims, and molestation victims. These techniques have been used by a wide range of people who have had to deal with an incredible range of horrors. They work. They work really, really well.

They will help you, too.

Get the book now. Get started immediately.

Dr. Conway’s books Emotional Genius and Above It All are powerful companions to Freedom Found.


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