One Billion Seconds: There’s Still Time to Discover Love

| August 4, 2017


One Billion Seconds delivers a powerful tale of how true love transcends time, tragedy and a broken heart. Deeply in love, Poppy and Geoff still need help from Jesse, a “relational choreographer,” to help them manage life’s ups and downs and the communication skills needed to maintain a mature relationship. But sometimes real life and true love don’t mix. Jesse’s ‘star couple’ break up and move to separate parts of the country. For the next 32 years—or one billion seconds—Poppy and Geoff lead separate lives, which include marriages, children, deaths, divorces, 9/11, and losing their own identities. Real-life couple, Poppy and Geoff Spencer, are relationship consultants, speakers, radio show hosts, and the authors of One Billion Seconds—a keen look into many true events in the couple’s lives—both separate and united. The beautiful story opens in happy times, featuring the two college sweethearts in sunny Florida over three decades ago. But their storybook romance comes to a screeching halt when Poppy graduates ahead of Geoff and returns home to Wisconsin. Initially, the young love was not enough for distance and naiveté. “We were 21-years-old and naive,” Poppy and Geoff quip of their real-life break-up more than thirty years ago. “Through the writing of One Billion Seconds, we uncovered the implicit understanding of what makes relationships work and what can lead to their downfall; and, the short answer is to embrace vulnerability. We wouldn’t have turned tragedy into triumph, gotten back together, or written a book without being 100% vulnerable. This book not only entertains, it also inspires readers to truly understand the value of vulnerability.” It’s more than a novel and not exactly a memoir; instead, One Billion Seconds is an inspirational tale that weaves the Spencers’ real-life professional experiences as relationship consultants with their own love story. Readers of One Billion Seconds are given hope, the courage to take risks that honor who they are, and a roadmap to eliminate negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that prevent true happiness in a relationship. One Billion Seconds provides a rich and textured love story against the backdrop of practical, useful relationship advice from real-life, professional relationship coaches. It also includes the following themes: • Hope and courage: which allow you to take risks to honor the core of who you are • Offers a positive mindset to help you get rid of any thoughts, feelings, and behaviors preventing you from being the best version of yourself • A Parenting style, including solidarity or one voice between parents • Strength to face, overcome divorce, and flourish • How to successfully integrate blended families • Challenges fear and social bias • The value of speaking the honest truth • A trademarked communication tool and effective communication solutions, even if no words are the best • Belief in a happy-ever-after.


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