Breathe and Release (A Christchurch Crime Thriller Book 3)

| August 4, 2017


If she can’t remember, the woman will die.

When Elisabet wakes in a hospital, the victim of a single-vehicle accident, her mind is empty of all memories and images except for one—the tangled dream of a woman starving to death.

As Elisabet’s husband morphs from a loving caregiver into an abusive opponent and her stepdaughter refuses all attempts to connect, Elisabet learns to navigate her malevolent new world on her own. With no other point of reference, she attempts to piece together evidence to confirm whether the woman in her dreams is real or a tortured figment of her imagination.

And when danger encroaches from all sides, Elisabet must draw on the last strands of her strained courage to survive the depraved truth hidden deep within her erased brain.


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