Vaporized ll: Space Invasion Thriller

| August 5, 2017


Alien invasion of Earth has begun..
Colonization is underway..
A pocket of humanity survives. Amber Lee just has to live long enough to find it…

Following a cataclysmic event that no one on Earth saw coming, lawyer Amber Lee, awakes in London to find that the city and seemingly the entire population of the UK has been literally vaporized over one night during the summer Bank Holiday weekend – an alien invasion of Earth seems to be underway, which the news stations are calling; The Event. Amber sets off across the city, now slowly being overrun by alien life-forms, to her now deserted family home in West Wales.

With all hope fading of finding anyone else alive, and fearing she is the last girl left in the UK, and possibly the planet, she picks up a radio transmission coming from a nearby farm, and sets off to investigate.

Miraculously the farm owner, John, has also survived the extinction event and he has been picking up radio transmissions from a group of scientists in Nevada, USA. With nowhere to go, and the invaders from space closing in on the farm, Amber and John flee to the coast, with the intention of embarking on a voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to the west coast of America in the hope of finding the only other known survivors. The only mode of transport available to them however is a large oil tanker, The Nostrum, which was in the process of leaving port to deliver its cargo of crude oil, when the cataclysm struck.

Amber and John manage to board the tanker, but they soon discover however that they are not travelling alone, and the seemingly impossible voyage quickly turns into a journey from hell, which has virtually no chance of succeeding…

This is the second book in the Vaporized series. If you enjoy science fiction adventure novels, then jump into Amber’s shoes and enjoy the ride, but don’t forget to take your motion sickness tablets before you start reading!

Themes covered in the book;

* Alien Invasion
* Space
* Extinction
* Mystery
* Lone female survivor
* Science Fiction Adventure
* Exploration/Travel


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