Monkey In Mind: A Fantasy Adventure About A Thought Monkey

| August 5, 2017


Monkey in Mind

A high octane adventure of a Thought Monkey

This is a tale about a Thought Monkey called Monkey Tell whose task it is to deliver thoughts to people and who he must help to fulfill those thoughts to completion. However, Monkey Tell as he calls himself after the legend William Tell has to face the challenges of the Elfins with their Mirrors of Distraction, who take people off in different directions and so result in them not taking their thoughts on board, which could change their lives. Monkey Tell is a Red Thought Monkey or a Metal Monkey.

Monkey Tell in this story has to shoot these chosen people with his arrows of golden thoughts so that they can accomplish their dreams. Join Monkey Tell on his adventures through the tangled processes of thoughts and distractions which human beings face in life every day.

??? Monkey Tell the Thought Monkey

Monkey Tell is a Thought Monkey who collects his arrows of thought.

This Thought Monkey stores the collected thoughts in his quiver of arrows and delivers them to the right people, at the right time.

??? The Golden Arrow

Every thought we have in life starts as a small impression we receive in our mind.

Over the passage of time, we accumulate similar thoughts so that they start to build a form and structure.

A similar mental imprint of what Sam wanted to build in his life was now a living creation in the forest of his mind.

The Monkey Tell thought monkey had shot him with the golden arrow of the illumination of an idea which could change his life.

Sam Hardless now believed that his vision could be achieved.

??? The Power of a Thought

“The power of a thought can make a man an Immortal.

The power of a thought can save humanity from extinction.

The power of a thought can define our existence in the universe.

A thought can travel through time and space,

A thought can pierce heaven and hell,

I am that thought, I am Monkey Tell.”

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