Murder at the Buy-Right (A Cozy Mystery)

| August 5, 2017


Wax my magnolia blossoms! A killer’s on the loose!

Nobody knows how to run a register like Daisy Ann.

When grocery store owner, Deke Dewitt finds a body behind the dumpster of his small town grocery, the Buy-Right, Daisy Ann worries their rural community has become a hotbed of crime. It seems the victim is an unemployed college dropout. Is it suicide or murder? When her boss is attacked, Daisy Ann is thrown in the middle of a stew of trouble and intrigue.

A hotly contested election has turned the local sheriff’s department upside down. Rumors are flying, but Daisy Ann is determined to protect her friend and perhaps – get him to give her a raise to boot!

A humorous cozy murder mystery about a country gal whose culinary skills are abysmal.


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