Till Death do us together

| August 7, 2017


On a winter day in 2014, Dylan Hurley wakes up to find himself in an abandoned old brick house in the DC suburbs. After he finds himself gliding through walls and floors while remaining invisible to people, it becomes clear to him that he has all the physical and mental features of a ghost.

Fiona, his guide and sponsor, explains that he died three years ago, and that the time he’d spent in hibernation was necessary to achieve the necessary detachment from his past life. Eventually, he is to embark on a farewell tour that will include his friends and family before he is finally scheduled to cross over.

The farewell tour leads him through Washington, DC, the Virginia countryside, and finally to the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, his final stop. It is in Tryon, his hometown, where things become more complicated, once he learns that he might not be as detached from his previous life as he had hoped. Here is the love of his life, his wife Laurel, and their daughter Shelby. The cast includes Laurel’s new husband, Brick Slater, their son Zack, in addition to shady characters like bounty hunters, demons, and ghost spotters who also make their presence felt. In the end, Dylan must decide whether he is to cross over…or to remain stuck in Tryon as a ghost.

Discover the world of the paranormal like you never have before.

Set primarily in the beautiful foothills of Western Carolina, ‘Till Death do us together’ is a story about the undying love of a man for one woman, and the pains he is willing to endure to be near her.

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