Kelvin the Elven

| August 7, 2017


Everyone wants to know who they really are. Kelvin certainly does. Kelvin is a strange kid. He is weird. That is what they call him, Weird Kelvin. In the summer of 1981, being different is not honored, it is shunned. But Kelvin isn’t just different, he sees things. He has the ability to see people’s emotions, and though he never has told anyone, he can see other things too.
For the first time ever, Kelvin meets a girl who accepts him for just who he is. That interaction sets in motion a chain of events which will reveal the truth about Kelvin. He is chased across half of the country trying to discover why he even poses a threat to anyone, until he comes face to face with who he really is.
Kelvin the Elven is a contemporary fantasy tale from best-selling author Chris Walters (Saga of Mystics series). It is a coming of age tale about a peculiar boy, and how he finds out he is actually special.

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