The Last Diva

| August 11, 2017


The 1980s belonged to pop sensation, Pearl Sorelle; she was so blindingly, scorchingly successful that, for just over a decade, she was pop music. She was the mainstream air that we all breathed, or at least the air that MTV and the car and workplace radios conducted into our heads.

However by the late 1990s (after a diagnosis of nodules on her vocal chords combined with the worsening of her vitiligo) the Diva had fallen to earth. Pearl decided to quietly bow out from the limelight to concentrate on being a mother and seeks sanctuary by buying the 18th century Chateau de la Muette in rural France.

When Pearl meets Thomas Devlin who offers her a second bite at the fame cherry, she must make some tough, life-changing decisions.

Exploring the darker side of the music industry and celebrity life, this is a story that will capture the attention of anyone with a general interest in music and culture, as well as those who follow conspiracy theories.

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