You Just Can't Win 'Em All: A Lenny Kidd Adventure (The Adventures of Lenny Kidd Book 1)

| August 9, 2017


Life is tough for thirteen year old Lenny Kidd. He’s constantly being tormented by the school bully, Hunter Machammer. He can’t stay awake in math class and is bored out of his mind by his crazed teacher, Ms. Drazula. And he has no money to buy the only thing he wants in life: An XBox.

Then he makes a bizarre discovery at home that could change his life forever.

The only people he tells his secret to are his best friends, Alex and Shelly. Together, the three of them plot and scheme their way to success. But just when Lenny thinks he’s got it made, life throws him a curve ball.

Sarah Oberlander, at age twelve, makes her debut appearance as an author with You Just Can’t Win ‘Em All, the first novel in the Adventures of Lenny Kidd series.

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