The Gray Kitten and the Night Pond

| August 10, 2017


Are your kids old enough to enjoy a good story from toddler books? Ages 1-3 maybe? or 3-5? If yes, you have come to the right place.

This is among the best ever children’s books (ages 1-5). The story is about a little kitten who is a little different from the rest – he likes to swim and play with frogs and fish instead of playing with other kittens. He loves swimming so much that one night, he decided to go the pond alone. What happens with him there? Will his mother cat find him?

About this book:

  • This picture books for toddlers is about the boundless love of mother cat to her babies;
  • It is also a bedtime story that shows a respectful relationship between kittens who don’t resemble each other;
  • The importance for little kids to ask their mother’s permission before going out is also stressed in this book for kid.

This preschool book is perfect as a read aloud book, and is also excellent for early and beginning readers. It is a poem that can be classified among baby books 2 year old, books for kids 2-4, kid books ages 1-3, children’s books ages 3-5.

It measures 5×6 inches – the perfect size for little hands.

If your kids love animal stories, they will absolutely love this toddler book.

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