| August 10, 2017


A broken young woman and the last working cell phone are mysteriously united to save the internet, and everything connected to it.


I’m locked in a trunk, if I live long enough we will arrive in five hours.

I didn’t want any of this; I’m the last person who wanted to reconnect the world, but I didn’t have a choice.

A text was sent to me the morning the network went dark. “You are protected.” The day I killed my family and broke my spirit I received a text from the same number.

I had to take this opportunity; it beckoned me, resurrecting my past – now I’m a celebrity for having the last working cell phone – reconnecting the internet one device at a time.

And I might die because of it.

We are so close to the end. I can feel the closure settling in. However, if we aren’t helped everything will unravel, and your newly reconnected phone will once again be useless.

We cannot proceed without your help.

This crisis has caused a pandemic of panic; people are making uninformed and disastrous decisions. I have the only cure, we will fix this, but only if you lend us your courage. I have to keep this short, if they hear us, I will not live long enough to send you this address.

Meet me at the end, or there won’t be a network left to save.

Please help,

Sasha Taylor


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