The Preston Emerald

| August 12, 2017


A dinner party. A stolen emerald. And murdered dinner guests.

Barnaby Wilcox is out of his element. He accepts an invitation to an evening at a mansion of all places. Still, it’s a free meal and a chance to forget his problems for one night. Could be fun. 

But when a priceless gem disappears and his fellow guests start dying off, Barnaby knows this isn’t going to be the relaxing trip he’d envisioned. As the body count grows and a violent storm traps everyone in the mansion, Barnaby must maintain his own sanity to pacify a group of people who are rapidly succumbing to paranoia and fear—if he, or any of the other guests, is going to make it through the night alive.

The Preston Emerald is the second book in the Barnaby Wilcox Wild West Mystery Series. If you like rough cowboys, sinister ladies, breathtaking action, and loads of humor, then you’ll love this page-turning series, perfect for readers of private detective fiction and fans of Spaghetti Western movies.

Unlock The Preston Emerald and hit the trail with private eye Barnaby Wilcox today!

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