Framed!: A Young Boy's Fight to Survive in the Wild Australian Bush

| August 13, 2017


If you are an orphan and sentenced to hang at 15 years old, how far would you go to survive? In 1828, 8 year old Richard is transported to Australia as a free settler with his convict father because his mother is dead. He lives rough on the streets of Sydney until his father is pardoned. Together, they begin a new life and open a butcher shop. Richard’s job is to bring in beasts for slaughter. At 15 he is framed for stealing cattle and sentenced to hang. He escapes into the vast and dangerous Australian wilderness and has to survive or die with only his indomitable will to help him. How he eventually triumphs and succeeds in life is a “ripping good yarn”, according to one reader. If you enjoy books that are historical novels based on real events, you will love this book. Click on the button and buy now!

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