Content Rich Writing Your Way To Wealth On The Web

| October 6, 2008

redtypewriter I recently read Content Rich: Writing Your Way to Wealth on the Web by Jon Wuebben. Jon is a copy writer and owns a custom copy writing business. But Content Rich is all about SEO copy writing focusing on search engine rankings and conversion.

Once I got into this book it was a very easy read. He starts out with the basics such as what is SEO, and why does it work. Then he moves on to analyzing your site for SEO copy and usability. He talks about the how’s and whys of keyword research, and includes information about many current tools used for keyword research.

He also touches on, on page optimization, which includes using keywords, in titles, text and meta tags. And the all important off page optimization which includes getting links, promoting through articles, and social media, and web 2.0.

There are also chapters on writing press releases, pay per click ads, landing pages and banner ads. One of the things I enjoyed most about reading this book is that it got me excited about writing web copy. It helped get me motivated when it comes to creating optimized keyword rich content. Which is really what web writing is all about.

If you are already an amazing writer and an SEO expert, then you probably won’t find anything new in this book. Aside from sound advice and the motivation factor. But if you are a business owner who needs to create, or redesign a web presence for your business. Then you will hit the jackpot with Content Rich.

Most writers and web designers will find something of value in Content Rich, it covers all the bases and puts everything together nicely. It also contains case studies, tips for finding writers and outsourcing. Along with information on being a copywriter for a career and the future of copy writing.

Another valuable thing I discovered about this book, was the appendix. It contains links to tons of valuable web writing resources. From tools to keyword research, to the latest news, and forums.

This is a new book and all of the information and links are current. But we all know that on the web things change fast. Jon has taken care of that as well. Everyone who purchases Content Rich gets access to bonus materials to stay current on all aspects of web copy.

Some of the bonuses include, free online access to the next two editions, free access to the members only portion, of the Content Rich Book blog, a complimentary web site copy inspection, and more.

I found Content Rich to be a nice overview of web copy writing, and will be a valuable resource on my bookshelf that I will definitely refer back to.

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  1. Hmm.. the book sound good. I will check the book for reference as well. Thanks for the review!

  2. Emma says:

    My pleasure Roger. :smile:

  3. DUBAI ARTIST says:

    Oh the book sounds great seems I found something that would help me a lot.Thank you for the review:-)

  4. Copywriter says:

    While I haven’t read the book in this post, I can certainly comment on readability. Write for the reader rather than the search engine and the search engines will follow. If a user can’t enjoy your content, the search engines will know from stay times.

    Chris Elliott