Get your dream PhD

| August 14, 2017


A Reliable, Step-By-Step Guide That Allowed Me To Gain Entry To A Program With 2% Acceptance Rate.

Tired of getting your PhD applications rejected? Are you frustrated because you know you possess amazing skills, yet you cannot find a way to communicate them?

Do you feel like you are wasting your time, writing applications that result in nothing?

I want to help you bypass the online, “black hole” application system.

I am Chris and when I tried to get into graduate school, I was NOT a competitive applicant. With hard work, rejection letter after rejection letter, I figured out a reproducible system to successfully apply for a PhD.

I am currently studying for a fully funded PhD in the life sciences in one of the most competitive
in the United Kingdom.

And my goal is to help you get in whichever program you are after.

Most Graduate School guides are written by professors. While that’s great, a professor CANNOT understand your obstacles and frustrations. You are far better off taking advice from someone who has gone to great lengths to figure out how to successfully solve your problem.

Here’s what you can expect :

I am going to give you the secrets that have taken graduates with degrees from unknown Universities and got them interviews and OFFERS from some of the top schools in the world.

A product of my experimentation and hard work that will allow you to not have to worry about the nuances of PhD applications anymore.

What you will find inside:

-Finally decide whether a PhD is right for you.

-Figure out where to apply and how to prepare early.

-Whether it’s worth studying for a Master’s first and funding issues.

-A big chapter dedicated to finding the PERFECT Supervisor for you.

-Identify what kind of applicant you are and how to tailor your application to your strengths.

-How to bypass the online application system.

-A great part of the book dedicated to landing the perfect interview, with preparation tips and even sample questions and answers.

-Which offers to reject and which to accept.

and much, much more, resulting in a COMPLETE GUIDE with exactly the content you need to submit
that winning application.

How much is your future worth to you? For less than the price of a coffee, you can save yourself a lot of rejected applications and dozens of hours spent trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Get this book now and I am going to show you what I figured out from countless applications, one principle at a time, until you have a firm grasp of what makes an awesome PhD applicant.


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