1799 Planetfall: Symbiont Wars: Alien Invasion Series (The Symbiont Wars)

| August 15, 2017


1799 Planetfall  (Book 1 Symbiont Wars Universe) the hidden battles of the alien invasion of Earth across generations and the hearts and minds of a thousand worlds.
The year is 1799 (Gregorian calendar) and no one on Earth knows the seeds of the world’s destruction have just fallen from space in this story of an alternate history alien war.

When Tiana, captain of the Freedom Confederacy’s Corvette Valishnu, pursues the enemy’s ship into tunnel space, both ships crash on an uncharted planet.. Now, with the vampiric niiaH loose in a new ecosystem, she must find them and wipe them out before they reproduce or a primitive sentient species will be enslaved and the Tyrant Empire will rise again, this time starting on a planet called Earth.

But, Tiana’s ship and all its technology are at the bottom of the ocean; all her symbiont partners are dead, and she is the Valishnu’s only survivor.

This first of the Symbiont Wars first contact novels tells the story of first contact alien encounters in 1799 in the stunning beginning of an alternate history war and a new twist on alien parasite fiction. Tiana is a strong female lead that breaks all the rules when she declares war on parasitic tyranny and alien conquest.

What reviewers are saying: Amazon Verified Purchase Reviewer: A gripping, thrilling, swashbuckling scifi adventure story. Join Tiana, the beautiful alien warrior princess as she pursues an evil race of parasitic aliens from the far reaches of outer space to the high seas of planet earth. An exciting story full of romance and action that will leave you itching to read the the new book. The story continues with “Sentients in the Maze”!

GoodReads Reviewer: It was amazing!
1799 Planetfall (book one in the Symbiont Wars series) introduces Tiana the female ship captain pursuing a vicious foe and trying to prevent the alien conquest of Earth.
The writing style makes me feel as if I am right there with her as she makes her way in an alien world.
Her Interactions with the creatures of Earth, wildlife and humans show the heart and soul of what it means to live in harmony with the universe. I love how the author writes her character. She’s strong, smart, resourceful and courageous and makes you want to be like her. Oh, and she is sexy and a real bad ass too!
The occasional humorous touches and action throughout the story balance the lush natural and historical setting. It’s not all about science and history, but the author really did some research for the details and accuracy of the world at the turn of the 19th century. I learned some things about symbiosis, and what a symbiont is. They aren’t all parasites.
I’m looking forward to the further adventures of Tiana and what is in store for the Earth.


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