A Stranger in the Hamptons: Love Obsession Series

| August 16, 2017


Heath Forbes, a best selling writer with Hollywood screaming to adapt a couple of his hit novels, just needs to get away.

From everything and everyone. So, his agent sends him to the one place he didn’t expect to go, for him to find newfound inspiration:

The Hamptons.

An upscale community of exclusivity and yet monotony, Heath struggles to come up with his next hit book. What he finds instead, is introspection, excitement….and romance. When Heath meets Julianne Crawford, a local librarian, sparks immediately fly, until Ace, another local who’s obsessed with holding Julianne’s heart decides that she belongs to him, instead.

Danger, passion, mistakes, and gossip follows Heath at every turn in the Hamptons, enough to fill the pages of a best-selling novel.


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