Say Please, Little Owlet

| August 16, 2017


Say Please, Little Owlet

The little Owlet never says ”Please.” He’s a happy, cheerful little guy, but is sometimes rude and impolite. Learn with little Owlet as he discovers how using a “magic word” can make others happy and make his own life easier at the same time.

  • Beautifully illustrated bedtime book with professional watercolor images.
  • Easy to read and understand rhyming story offers a simple, fun way to teach your children good manners.
  • Included bonus coloring pages of the characters make it more than just a book – it’s a fun interactive activity.

Follow the little Owlet as he plays hide and seek with his adorable pet mouse, tastes some of his mommy’s yummy fruit cake and learns some good manners along the way.
Say Please, Little Owlet provides an easy way to teach your children how to be polite and how to learn those all-important manners. All taught through a wonderfully enchanting story, this is a book your children will want to hear again and again.


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