Titanic:Answer From the Deep (Kindle Countdown Starting at $0.99)

| August 26, 2017


A transgenerational family saga and action adventure, Titanic: Answer From The Deep, is set in the 20th Century and tells the historical story of a socially prominent, yet emotionally crippled medical family and their struggle to find fulfillment.
Packed with characters from upper and lower class society and reminiscent of the TV series, Downton Abbey, or Upstairs, Downstairs, the novel sweeps the reader across the Atlantic from England to America on the doomed Titanic in a great Naval adventure.
After the Titanic sinking, the beautiful Anne Elizabeth Taylor-Downs moves to Rochester, Minnesota home of the famous Mayo Clinic to raise her family. Later her son, Robert, finds himself in a troubled marriage, but while serving in the Navy in the Pacific, he meets a nurse and begins a great doctor/nurse romance with a woman who loves him, but spurns him because he is married.
They enjoy the broken historical romance of the 20th century as they later search for and spurn each other. The years pass and they both grow old. Will Robert overcome the subconscious demands of generations of his family which held him crippled? What could happen in his life to make him change? To find out read Titanic: Answer From The Deep.

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