Fire & Water: A Suspense-filled Story of Art, Love, Passion, and Madness

| July 26, 2013


Fire & Water: A Suspense-filled Story of Art, Love, Passion, and Madness

Fire & Water is a dark story of passion, family secrets, and the enduring power of friendship. Katherine Murphy, a pediatric surgeon in San Francisco’s premier medical center, UCSF, is was raised in the ironic protection of her father’s Irish pub by a patchwork family formed of misfits and orphans. She is book-brilliant, but unwise in the ways of love and life. When genuine love and deep passion present themselves in the form of Jake Bloom, a renowned “artist of the immediate”, she is in far too deep before she discovers his the treacherous dark side of his creative genius. Only her shoot-from-the-lip friend, Mary K sees past Jake’s initial charms, but by then Kate’s life has been indelibly altered. As Jake spirals into the depths of his mental illness, Kate is faced with previously unthinkable choices that demand her to search her soul and find her own true north.

This is a story that redefines what family really means and proves that love is always a matter of life and death.

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“You will not be able to put this book down. Every character is richly drawn, captured in all of their flaws and gifts, and Fasbinder’s warmth and empathy for them all imbues every page. It celebrates the families we’re born to and those we choose, it digs deep into the difficulties of wanting love and art in the same life. It examines the cost of being true to yourself all the while being a total page-turner. It’s wonderful.”
—Heather Donahue, author of Growgirl: How My Life After The Blair Witch Project Went to Pot


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