Frog Dell’s Junkyard

| July 26, 2013


Frog Dell's Junkyard

Despite his best efforts, former Senator Aphid can’t stay out of trouble these days. Frog Dell can’t help inviting it.

Deposed by the corrupt government he sought to repair, Aphid returns to the seceded junkyard where his old friend, the charismatic and slightly mad Frog Dell, has been exiled for the last four years. Upon learning of Aphid’s situation, Frog Dell is suddenly inspired to defy his own sentence. He returns to the city, bringing both of them into the thick of a fast-paced web of conspiracies spun by dozens of eccentric players. Amidst all the violence, dangerous secrets, and revolution stirring, Frog Dell seems to be operating on his own calm agenda.

The line between genius and madness is fine, indeed.


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