Vampires Vs Aliens (A paranormal science fiction mashup): A Dark Alliance

| August 17, 2017


Damien Argent, King of the Vampires has brokered a fragile peace with the humans, but not everyone is happy.
Aliens arrive and with it the opportunity to win the feuds between humans and vampires. Factions conspire against him, setting human against vampire in a renewed battle, killing his beautiful wife and maker, Heloise.

But the first contact is soon realized to be an alien invasion, wanting only to replenish its food supplies with the local inhabitants.

How can he put aside his feud with Ridley, the vampire hunter, his wife’s killer? Embrace the sudden friendship of Lorna, a sultry dark witch, and trust, Jack, the alpha of the werewolf pack, if they are to survive against the monstrous alien race?

Vampires Vs Aliens: A Dark Alliance, is a mash up of when the worlds of science fiction, paranormal and supernatural collide.


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