Nine Fish: A True Macao Ghost Story Based in a Haunted Creepy University (Ghosts of Macau Book 1)

| August 17, 2017


What’s in Macao, China? Cool culture, gambling, casinos, and opulent restaurants are everywhere. So are ghostly encounters. This true story is a short intense read that will leave you wondering if you really want to turn off the light at night.

A new hire at a university in Macao, China, continually gets creeped out working late at the office. One evening, she sees something terrifying that sends her running from the building. The next morning, she finds one of the office’s nine fish floating belly up in the fish tank. Later that morning, her officemate tells her the death of the fish is related to the scary night experience. Why is the death related? If what she saw can kill a fish, what will it do to her?


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