The Voyage of the Dream Maker (The Tambolian Paradox Book 1)

| August 17, 2017


The Voyage of the Dream Maker, book one of the Tambolian Paradox, by Yasha Marshall, a retired American Research Physicist, Buddhist Monk and Mystic Yogi. The Voyage of the Dream Maker tells a story of a mystical pilgrimage to Tambolia (the other there) to explore the meditational dilemmas of – What am I? The truth is not hidden just simply unnoticed? And more importantly – What am I doing here? This story is for anyone who wonders about beliefs.

Most people wonder if Tambolia actually exist. It might be better to think – given all the time that the universe has had to establish something like a Galactic Library; why wouldn’t it exist? Of course, access is the key and the most difficult part. The Galactic library has two initial conditions; one is the Mark of Emptiness, the other is Self-Secret. Once you understand these conditions you can enter this library.

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