The Spears of Poseidon: A New Odyssey

| August 17, 2017


The age of the heroes has past. Odysseus, Heracles and Theseus have all been committed to the earth. Still warmed by the embers of the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars, the world does not sit still. In Greece, the city-states manoeuvre against the Spartan hegemony. To the east, the Persians fight among themselves and to the south, the Egyptians fight for freedom. On the Italian peninsula, Rome readies itself to rise and far to the west, Carthage builds its dominant empire. Not one inch of earth is untouched by war and nowhere is more accustomed to war than Greece. It is there that war is coming again and war does not know age.

Alopeias of Thebes is still but a boy. He still learns from his tutor and trains at the gymnasium and he dreams not of war, but of writing plays. Yet that boy will become first a man and then a hero. The last hero. For Alopeias, despite his age, must go to war with the Spartans and so begin his adventures across the Mediterranean, the likes of which were last seen by Odysseus on his journey back from Troy. Relying on his own talents, the men around him and on the sea-god Poseidon’s favour, Alopeias will face barbarian kings, horse lords and famed generals and fight against entire cities and countries. He will face the barren wastes of African deserts and the stormy seas of the deep Mediterranean. He will have to struggle against his own limitations and inexperience to find a way to lead men. If he wishes to ever see his home again and to achieve the glories that are promised to him, Alopeias must first overcome every obstacle, physical or mental, no matter how daunting, and these journeys will transform a boy into a man, a follower into a leader and a citizen into a hero with epic tales from across the known world.

‘The Spears of Poseidon’ is the first part of an epic series that will follow the final hero of the Ancient Greek world. Packed with action and breath-taking battle scenes while weaving sentiment and emotion into a young man’s coming of age, ‘The Spears of Poseidon’ will see noble Alopeias, the ‘Hero of Haliartus’, defy his own expectations, establish himself and become the renowned general he needs to be to topple the famed Spartans and lead his city to greatness.

The gods on Olympus have decided that Alopeias of Thebes should be the final hero of Ancient Greece. In ‘The Spears of Poseidon’, cities will rise and fall, men will live and die and a hero will be made, one that will rise to the top of the world.

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