7 Ways To Get Rid Of A Bully: The BHAB Files

| July 26, 2013


7 Ways To Get Rid Of A Bully: The BHAB Files

Being in middle school has its share of turmoil, but having a bully does not help. Billy is an awkwardly funny sixth grader who fumbles through life with mishap after mishap. Nothing seems to work out the way he foresaw in his imaginative head. After a horrendous day, he has to make a life changing decision, because has no alternatives. Unknown to his better judgment, he submits to the school’s overbearing hall monitor. Billy quickly learns making a deal under false pretense never has a positive outcome. He silently endures the humiliation and torment, until he decides enough is enough. He attempts to change his fate by contacting the super secret society, who bends over backward to assist him in ridding him of his bully. The BHAB Files explores the limitless, comical, and monumental obstacles that his friends and the super secret society will take to free Billy from the grip of his relentless bully.


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