HowTo Play The Grammar Game: So You Don’t Look Like A F*cking Idiot

| August 19, 2017


WARNING: This book contains some raunchy language, so if you’re easily offended, don’t say I didn’t warn you! But If you like that kind of language, I’m warning you that there’s not enough of it.

Do you want to look like a winner when you are writing a comment online or anywhere else for that matter? This little book will help you understand how easy it is to stop looking like a loser because if you make silly mistakes, that’s what you look like. You won’t be taken seriously if you can’t write a simple statement without making stupid mistakes unless, of course, the persons reading the friggin’ comments don’t know any better. Sadly, I believe there are many who don’t.

Please note: This is by no means a comprehensive grammar guide. I’ve only touched on a few really easy “rules” to live by. Running at the mouth will sound a lot better if you write it correctly. I suggest that if you have a question about something regarding grammar that you look it up. It’s gotten easy to do this because of the Internet.

For more in-depth explanations and rules and all that shit, I highly recommend “The Gregg Reference Manual” by William A. Sabin. I still have mine from 20 years ago when I worked in an office. It is expensive, but it is all you’ll ever need to prevent yourself from looking like a f*cking idiot.


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