Mission 1: Lost Lunchboxes

| August 20, 2017


Students’ lunchboxes are going missing from school – and if the case isn’t solved soon the kids will be going hungry.

Go on a mission with our student spy, Agent N, and solve the mystery of those missing lunchboxes.

This fun children’s picture book, full of colour and rhyme, tells the story from the perspective of the secret student spy as they try and solve the mystery. The gender and identity of the spy is hidden, allowing your child to imagine themselves in the story.

Each book in the series comes with a new clue to the identity of the spy. Visit the Secret School Spy Squad website with your child to try and guess who is Agent N.

Coming soon:
Mission 2 – “Germs Galore”
Mission 3 – “Shrinking Students”
Mission 4 – “Hair-raising Hair

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