Then He Came Back

| August 22, 2017


Smart, sexy, and with a mouth that can set anyone straight, Sue Brinkley will always keep the upper hand when it comes to men. She’s come a long way from the teenager abandoned with a baby. She’s determined her son will have all the opportunities she lost when she ended up pregnant, but she’s not ready for his biggest request—he wants to meet his dad. Sue agrees, but only on her terms.

Then he comes back.

Trey Harrison will forever regret walking out on the girl and baby that needed him. He’s spent years treating patients in ravaged countries, trying to find redemption. Now he has the opportunity to make amends. But when he arrives in Austin, he’s blown away by the fiery, gorgeous mama bear that is so unlike the girl from his past. During the explosive reunion, their son discovers a secret that sends him running from his mother, and Trey finally has a chance to help the family he deserted.

Forced to work as a team, Sue and Trey must face the hurt, lust, and love that always brews whenever they’re together.

Due to content, this book is intended for mature readers.

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