How to be Glamorous on a Budget

| August 22, 2017


What if I told you that you could be the best-dressed, most glamorous woman in any room, no matter what budget (or lack thereof) you have to work with?
Well beautiful girl, think of me as your fairy godmother because that is exactly why I set out to write this book! I know how to help you achieve exactly that.
Money can buy a lot of things, and yes it can help give you more options, but there are some things money can’t buy.
Money doesn’t buy happiness, it doesn’t make you smart, it doesn’t equate to class…..and it absolutely does not make you fashionable or beautiful.
In short; Money cannot buy you Glamour and style.
You can still achieve the wardrobe you see in magazines and on the runway without emptying your wallet. It is a great feeling to get a bargain when an item looks much richer than what the price tag indicates, and when you’re the envy of the room in an outfit you pieced together for a fraction of the cost of anyone else.
It is my mission, and my duty to share with you my tips, tricks and secrets on how to look glamorous on a budget.
And this is the place I’ll share all those secrets at. So arm yourself with a good cup of java, or glass of wine, and enjoy!

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