Before I Disappear

| August 23, 2017


Faced with a terminal disease, Rachel questions whether her life is reality or merely an illusion. Can anything that dies be real?

The story begins in southern Arizona where the protagonist, Rachel, lives with her family in the middle of a barren desert, in an old army tent. It is a prison of poverty and miles of sand from which Rachel must escape. After finding the courage to walk along the two lane highway, through the middle of nowhere, she reaches the outside world – Phoenix. From homelessness to excessiveness, Rachel overcomes the odds to reach great heights of monetary success and community status. Although she builds the life of her dreams, everything she attains cannot save her.

The ancient conflict between the pursuit of worldly gratifications and the attainment of inner peace is the driving force of this novel. The enduring questions regarding the true nature and purpose of our existence are considered through the compelling life of a courageous, inspirational character.

Psychological thriller. Action and Adventure. Coming of Age. Adult Fiction. Crime Drama. Health and Healing. Biographical.

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