Hot Chili Cookbook: 25 Chili Recipes for Everyday

| August 27, 2017


Chili is one of the most delightful and favorite recipes in the USA. It has not just savory taste but also the long history. A lot of states struggled to make the recipe of the chili as a national recipe. It is possible that the first chili was cooked by American Cowboys in 1850. The first chili was made from the dried meat, fat, salt, and pepper that were formed in the briquettes. After this, the prepared briquettes put in the boiling water. The cooking of this mass gives thick and aromatic chowder, that then was called “chili”.
The basic recipe of the chili consists of meat and hot pepper. All other ingredients depend on the country and region of cooking. Nevertheless, the beans became a traditional component for almost all recipe of chili.
Traditional chili is cooked with the beef meat – ground or chopped; otherwise, nowadays there are a lot of classic recipes that consist of the pork, chicken, or turkey meat.
Such ingredients as onion, garlic, sweet pepper, or tomatoes have an ability to enhance the taste of the final dish and make it more saturated.
Every chef has its own secret how to make the dish not only tasty but also very fragrant.
There are a lot of chili festivals all over the USA that can help to choose the best team for the “Final Festival” – the chili competition in Terlingua, Texas. Exactly this event helps to determinate the recipe of the most incredible and best dish for the year.


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