Author interview with Avi Domoshevizki of ‘Green Kills’

Author Interview with Avi Domoshevizki

The CEO of a promising start-up company is found dead in a luxurious hotel room. Two men who underwent what were supposed to be simple surgical procedures died on the operating table in two different hospitals. Are the deaths related? Ronnie Saar, a newly promoted partner in a leading venture capital fund, is unexpectedly nominated to chair the board of a successful pharmaceutical start-up company. But before he can reap the rewards of his promotion, he must deal with these unexpected deaths and other ominous developments that threaten his and his soon-to-be bride lives. His attempts to get to the truth expose a bitter reality: In the business world, money is more valuable than human lives.



Will Ronnie be able to deal with these deaths and ensure the safety of himself and his fiancée? To provide us with an intimate look into the workings of Ronnie’s world, and his possible fate, I’ve been joined by author of ‘Green Kills’, Avi Domoshevizki. Avi, tell us what sparked your interest in Ronnie’s world?

Most of my career I spent in the high tech world, inventing more than 15 products. I spent most of my adult life in high tech. I served both an entrepreneur and investor. When I see a need I invent a solution. That’s what I am doing also in my books.



So where did you start looking to find that need?

I looked in the mirror :-). Ronnie, the main character is in a way me. In a way, he summarizes my professional life.



*Laughs* Having your inspiration and needs looking back at your in the mirror is just so handy! As you’ve used a liberal dash of your own life to fuel the novel, do you feel that the personalities were strongly influenced by the plot events, or did you feel that the reverse was true?

A mix of both.



Do you feel that there’s an actor that could take on Ronnie’s role and really bring that mysterious mix of murder and man to life, and if so, who would it be?

Matthew McConaughey



Great choice! And if you had advice to give Matthew, what would you tell him is the most important thing that he needs to convey to the audience?

Greed makes people forget what is really important in life.



Through the process of getting this book completed, where did you find the greatest rewards from encouraging people to focus on the important aspects of life?

I was rewarded by the fact that people loved it.



What did you learn while working on this project?

God is in the details and so is the devil.



Indeed, details are crucial. Was research key to nailing these details down?

Yes, I interviewed scientists, researchers and physicians. Read tons of scientific articles.



I imagine that whilst you are in the depths of research other interesting questions arise that you might want to write about at some stage. Do you like to note down things you run over while investigating so that you can come back to them later?

No. When I finish a book, I decide on the next intriguing subject to study. In my second book, it was cyber. On my third it is Genetics, and I am currently working on it.



When you’ve picked your topic, like genetics in your upcoming novel, do you know where the central idea will end, or do you find that out after you start writing?

I probably realize what the end should look like by the middle of the book.



Okay, so you’re steering yourself towards that ending as you continue along your writing journey. What does a typical day look like on your writing journey?

I write 6-10 hours a day. I usually finalize the book in four months.



That is a serious writing pace. Do you switch on music to ensure that your fingers keep up to this pace?

I work in a quiet environment.



Do you ever find yourself and your thoughts getting lost in the silence, and becoming distracted from your writing target?

I simply write. I may rewrite everything the next day, but I never stop waiting for the muse.



Is rewriting the only form of editing that you do, or do you also employ some additional editing?

Yes, I work closely and intimately with my editor.



When you look from the start of the idea through to writing, collaboration with your editor and final publication, what drives you to return to the creativity of the written word?

I write simply because I love it.



I love authors that love the creativity of writing! And because writing is so creative, I love to ask authors if there know where the line lies between insanity and creativity. What’s your take?

Creativity is when it involves me. Insanity is when others behave like me.



Such a slight yet important distinction. Can we get a little first-hand glimpse at your creativity by sharing your favourite line from ‘Green Kills’?

I love it all.



And I hope the audience loves it all too. Avi, thanks for taking us through a taste of the murder and mysteries that lay within the pages of Green Kills’ and I hope that your writing prowess continues into your third book.



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