Innocence & Betrayal

| August 29, 2017


Innocence and Betrayal, what a great combination to knock at your door.

“It’s startling how a dream can change one person’s whole life.”

Do you think you could have spotted evilness in those friendly eyes?

How a gullible person could have thought that his one so-called weakness would be used so deliberately that would create an incredible twist in his life.

A gripping fiction mystery-thriller with jaw dropping twists which will keep you on the edge of your seat.

A brilliant child psychologist gets indulged in evil plays of the devil. He’d never thought that a case of a young girl – diagnosed with school age schizophrenia – would direct his life to a whole new path.

“That wide-eyed innocent look, emerald-green eyes, red hair and those full lips reminded him of a fairy-tale princess.”

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