History with the Billionaire

| August 30, 2017


The Oliver Family comes from generations of old money, and the most prominent heir is 27-year-old playboy socialite Adrian. When the great-great-great-grandson of a treasure hunter claims that the Oliver family stole millions – now billions – of dollars from his forefathers, one of America’s richest clans stands to lose everything. Their only hope is Scarlett Quinnes, a brilliant, beautiful historian. Adrian is forced to abandon his fast-paced lifestyle and work to save their fortune—alongside the sexy historian.
My family thinks I need a chaperone because I can’t behave myself.
When I meet her, I can’t stop my mind from dreaming of what will do to her.
I think my family may be right—I can’t help but misbehave.

Warning: This short story contains mature content. No cheating and a HEA.


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