Zohar: A Wolf’s Hunger Alpha Shifter Romance

| August 30, 2017


Zohar Drake is the Council’s most feared Enforcer. With a soul that’s shrouded in a darkness he keeps hidden from everyone. The deeds he’s been forced to carry out for the Council have left him scarred and tormented…both man and beast. When the Hunger strikes he’s under no illusions…it has to be one of his many enemies seeking revenge and inflicting some magical spell over him. There is no chance in Hell that the Goddess would send him a soulmate…he doesn’t deserve one. Not with the blackness he hides inside.

His best friend, Danko, has other ideas, and on a mission to free a Pack from the tyranny of a despicable Alpha, he sees the chance to help his friend. All he has to do is manipulate Zohar and keep his head attached to his body at the same time…not an easy feat.

Has the Goddess sent a mate to free Zohar from his tortured soul? Or is this a cruel twist of fate that will send him to the brink of madness and lead him to the place he’s despatched so many other Shifters to…the Council’s infamous prison?

A Wolf’s Hunger…it can’t be stopped…even if you’re the strongest Enforcer that’s ever lived. Another exciting addition to New York Times Bestselling Author A K Michaels’ Shifter Romance series which is filled with excitement, thrills, and hot Alpha males.


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