Night is Magic: A Vampire Romance

| August 31, 2017


Desiree hates vampire life. She never wanted to live as a blood-drinking fiend. Shy and inexperienced, she lingers in her tomb drawing while others do the work of the clan. But when her sire orders her to hunt on the streets of Portland, things fall apart and a homeless man ends up dead.

Xerxes pumps iron and fights fires. Life is simple, life is good, but something’s missing–until he meets cute and quirky Desiree. But this chance encounter turns deadly when her clan frames him for the homeless man’s death. He’s flung into the deep end of the netherworld pool and he can’t swim.

Unwilling to send Xerxes to prison for her mistakes, Desiree defies her clan and mounts a rescue. All the while, she’s trying to hide her vampirism–and her attraction–to Xerxes. But how long can she hold it together? How long can they hide from not only the police, but an entire vampire kingdom?

Night is Magic is a complete, standalone HEA novel without cliffhangers. If you love paranormal romance and happy endings, give it a bite…

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