Ancients of Greater Bharat

| September 2, 2017


Profound wisdom regarding the origin of mankind lay hidden within ancient scriptures called Vedas, even while planet Prithvi is edging towards Pralay…

Long after Ram?yan and Mah?bharat, but well before sages like Valmiki and Vyasa actually scripted them into epics, an ancient, dark and sinister entity threatens to subjugate the world, using mind as an effective weapon of war…

Who is this immortal nemesis from prehistoric times? Will spiritual warrior Ha?a be able to overcome his personal crisis and stand up against this grave threat to humanity? Will Hanum?n help him wield Rama’s legendary kundalini weapon called Sh?rang? Will Uma be able to free herself from Mahisha’s clutches?

This fast-paced, action-packed mythological science fiction takes you through many exotic ancient civilisations, including a distant planet with milky-white oceans known as Vaikunth…

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