Author interview with Belinda Moore of ‘The Kitten Looks for a Family (Kitten’s Adventures Book 1)’

Author Interview with Belinda Moore

Kittens who do not have mothers often have a loving family of humans who are just as good. However, I am sorry to say, some kittens have neither. The story is about of one such kitten. She did not have a mother, father, or humans to care for her.



Belinda Moore, the writer behind the cosy kitten read ‘The Kitten Looks for a Family’ has kindly dropped into to donate a few dollops of fast feline fun today! Belinda, as you only have a few minutes to chat, let’s fast forward to the feline fun right now! Belinda, where did the idea for this idea begin?

I love animals. We have a lot of cats and dogs on the streets around the world. My dream is that all these animals will have families.



When you were thinking about how to combine this love of animals with the desire to write, did you find the end destination of the tale before you set out writing?

For this book, yes, I knew.



And what destination did you want to share with the readers of this tale?

I wanted to share the importance of taking a street cat or dog home.



And what can be expected in the next book now that the cuddle kitten has found a new home?

The next book is about kitten’s adventures and her new family.



What about writing do you love so much that you’ve been pulled to return to the pen to share the next stage of this feline fun?

It is my obsession!



I love the obsession of writing too! And to keep that obsession fuelled I love to pose fun filled questions to authors to keep their own creative juices flowing. What creativity can we find with our first question, what happens when Batman is bitten by a vampire?

He becomes batvampaman



A little bit of bat, a little bit of vampire, and a whole lot of fun! What else could a part bat want? Are you left or right handed?




Finally, for the hungry among us, if you ate pasta and antipasto, would you still be hungry?




The hunger continues! Belinda, thanks for sharing your obsession for writing and animals with us today and I hope you continue to enjoy working on your writing craft!


Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘The Kitten Looks for a Family (Kitten`s Adventures Book 1) ( ASIN: B0752SL79C )‘.

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