| September 4, 2017


Praise for Versus

“…a really dark thriller that makes you think.”

“[Author Andrew] Mackay has written every parent’s worst fear. Wonderfully written… so truthful, it’s scary”

“Versus will stay in my memory for a very long time. I can only hope that the right people will end up reading it and take heed.”

“Andrew Mackay is an amazing author… he is certainly not afraid to blow your mind and make you uncomfortable. The story is compelling… I admire the author for having the nerve to write stories such as these…”

School shootings are here.

The first one is brutal.

You won’t believe how it happens.

Disaffected teenager Daryl is losing his mind. He’s that kid you made fun of in class. The loner. Avoiding him was just something you and your friends did.

Fariq al-Burhan is unhappy. If only you’d put in a bit more effort to get to know him.

One wants attention.
The other, to please God.
Neither know of each other’s plan.

Both know the media will make them superstars.

Pick up this relentless and unflinching cautionary crime thriller today… and hug your loved ones a little closer tomorrow.

Read Versus for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription and look for it under Crime and Thriller.

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