Hot Pink Heels (The Street Series Book 1)

| September 4, 2017


Amanda Knox has a secret, and it could get her killed. When the handsome Jackson Brennan pulls up to her curb, her hooker instincts kick in and she makes her play, only to find she’s the one falling for him. Jackson helps her out of a jam, but discovers her terrifying secret in the process. As a pastor, Jackson fights a constant battle to keep his morals intact, but he finds the sexy Amanda in his arms at every turn.
Despite her refusal to accept it, Jackson is determined to help her escape her lifestyle of prostitution, and everything seems to be going according to his plan, until a deadly threat proves just how far Amanda is willing to go to save a friend. When Jackson’s wealthy ex-girlfriend forces her way into the action, the heiress becomes just the distraction needed to pull off the daring rescue, and everything seems destined to go off without a hitch.
The only problem: There’s always a hitch, and now the motley rescue team consisting of a hooker, an heiress, two pastors and a Navy Seal has left someone behind in the hands of a killer.

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