Madhouse: A Dark Psychological Thriller Novella With A Mind-Blowing Twist

| September 5, 2017


The doors are locked.
The windows are shuttered.
The gas masks are ready.

Take your medicine, children, and whatever you do …


When a terrorist attack fills the town of Darbyville with a poisonous chemical fog known as the Vapor, Rachel Teller finds herself a prisoner in her own home.
She’s not alone. Trapped with her family and three unexpected houseguests, she has lots of people to share her misery with, and yet she’s never been lonelier. Then when Rachel begins waking each morning to pain and bruises that look a lot like finger marks, everyone in the house becomes a suspect.

To survive, Rachel will have to uncover the horrible truth behind the Vapor and find the courage to question her entire reality.
Is it madness brought on by cabin fever? Or is everything in her world a lie?

Rachel will have to find the answer if she hopes to survive the …

A skin-crawling tale of self-preservation and the terror of that which can’t be seen, Madhouse will leave you guessing all the way up to the final, mind-bending revelation.

Just one tip before you read …

Don’t forget to breathe.


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