Silent Swing; A Romantic Suspense Of Beautiful Memories But A Deadly Secret

| September 6, 2017


Recently divorced Jimmy Carter travels to Tuscany to sell the family villa. Within hours, he meets and is captivated by nineteen-year-old beauty Carla. The girl is heavily pregnant; the father, he discovers, was recently killed in a motorcycle accident.
Jimmy is consumed by Carla, he finds himself powerlessly drawn towards her. He sets out to find out more about her and the child’s father, the brash Salvadore, who amongst the young in the village, was a hero of sorts.
Jimmy finds it hard to put the two together; Carla, the serene young girl and the loutish Salvadore are not the ideal match. Their story is told by Carla’s flashbacks, and what Jimmy learns from bar owner Bruno. Carla carries with her a deadly secret though, one that will affect Jimmy more than he could ever imagine.
Silent Swing is a romantic suspense tragic love story that has beautiful memories but a deadly secret.


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